Thursday, 18 April 2013

Life before the bucket

So tasked with creating a bucket list by Life of A Digital Girl, AKA Hollie-Ann Brooks, it got me thinking what do I really want to get out of life. I have to choose my top three but added a few more as I have so many things I want to do. I've narrowed it down to 10... I had too as otherwise you would be here for hours! So here are my top three and then the rest (in no particular order):

1. Star as an extra in a Hollywood film- I say extra because I have no real acting talent (modest) I just want to be in the credits
2. Write something is wet cement
3. Sail through the Bermuda Triangle and live to tell the tale!

4. Become fluent in French and Chinese- conversational in French already but know no Chinese
5. Skydive individually- doing a tandem jump on Saturday (eek!) so let's see how that goes!
6. Live comfortably by the age of 30- measured by whether I can afford to food shop in Waitrose (haha! yep laughing at myself)
7. Go travelling but the next place is determined by someone you have met on your travels
8. Have a go on a sit on lawn mower
9. Own a house which requires a sit on lawn mower
10. To have visited every state of the USA and write a tour guide that people refer to whenever they go to the US.

As they say YOLO (You Only Live Once). CRINGE!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Self branding

I have considered a rebranding of myself and how I want to be represented. And I can finally give you a preview of my new logo which incorporates my initials CW. Take a sneeky peek here:

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Valentino at Somerset House

I am excited to see that the next exhibition at Somerset House will be "Valentino: Master of Couture". It will be really interesting to learn more about Valentino's life and work. Over 100 designs will feature in the exhibition along with personal photos and archives. The exhibition runs from 29th November 2012 until 3rd March 2013. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

LV images leaked- Phelps to loose medals?!

Could the most decorated Olympian of all time, the golden boy of the pool, loose all his 2012 medals? Well it appears that this could be the case as images of a Louis Vuitton campaign featuring Phelps are leaked before the official International Olympic Committee date which states that competitors can participate in non-Olympic media/promotion.

According to IOC regulations athletes are not allowed to participate in any marketing campaigns other than those endorsed by the IOC between 18th July and 15th August. The two images were leaked on 13th August just days before the restrictions were meant to be lifted.

Louis Vuitton and Phelps' management have adamantly denied that the images were officially released and that they were in fact stolen and leaked via Twitter without their knowledge.  (Both parties would surely have to say this to cover their backs, no?) 

Phelps doesn't look so golden now... but he does look pretty tasty if I say so myself!
Michael Phelps To Lose His Olympic Medals?

Michael Phelps To Lose His Olympic Medals?

Monday, 13 August 2012

Returning to Toni and Guy :)

So Toni and Guy have just been in contact with me to ask me to return to the PR department in the lead up to/during London Fashion Weekend! I am super excited about this and start my internship next Tuesday for a month and a bit!

This season is a busy one for Toni and Guy as they are the official sponsors for LFW as well as providing the hair styling for the catwalk shows. label.m, T&G's professional styling product line will be used to style the looks. Give both T&G and label.m a follow on Twitter for up-to-date news/

There is going to be lots for me to do and the experience will be invaluable! This will be a fitting end to my uni summer. Will keep you all posted on what I am doing (unless, of course, it is top secret :P)

Monday, 18 June 2012


So I've been mega busy in these last few weeks and have neglected my blog :( sorry guys! Lots on- just finished first year at uni, come back from Lanzarote, been working at boots and today I have started work experience at Toni and Guy with their PR team! So exciting. Definitely going to keep you all posted on how it goes! Although there are projects which I have been briefed on which are top secret so those you won't be able to know about! I cannot believe how small the team is here and yet there is sooooo much to do. Currently on my lunch break and have had to flick through the weekend supplements for latest beauty and fashion trends and give a briefing of today's headlines. I feel like I am so slow at it all- very fast paced industry. The news that I had to type up is already out of date and I feel like everyone already knows what I am typing about! Anyway off to finish my sandwich and then to crack on with my tasks!

Feeling professional and grown up, Catherine x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Revive Fashion Show

I went along to Pitcher and Piano last night in Nottingham to support my friends who were organising the show. Even better was that it was free entry and it was supporting a good cause! The show featured 50 outfits, upcycled, revamped by Nottingham Trent Fashion students, showing the audience that you can utilise "old" clothes giving them a new lease of life. Not only are you updating your wardrobe you are helping the environment and turning your back on the concept of fast fashion. All in all, it was a great night! Probably the longest fashion show I have seen and in one of the most striking venues too! Well done girls :) x