Tuesday, 3 January 2012

One day to gooooo

So the trip to New York is nearly here! I worked literally the whole of the summer to be able to afford to go. It's one of the cities I have always wanted to visit, just to say "I've been there". It's a bit surreal that a few months into my university course I am jet setting off over the pond to the USA for "research" purposes, and maybe a little bit of shopping/sightseeing here and there... I decided that I am packing light and anything I forget to bring I'll will buy- a perfect excuse to go shopping and yes, yes look at the visual merchandising, promotion and marketing strategies which are used in the stores. Ultimately I want to immerse myself in the New York lifestyle, do touristy things but with an air about me that makes me fit in as a New Yorker. Coming from London I know how frustrating it is to happen to find yourself amongst a group of tourists walking at the slowest pace known to man without an inch of urban savvy about them. I don't want to be one of them- stand out. As snobbish as it may seem I am going to try my best not to look lost and truly embrace the city as if I have lived there all my life. I've looked up a couple of places I want to visit/ see such as the Empire State Building, Time Square, Central Park, FIT, the MET, but other than that I'll see where the day takes me- hopefully meander about seeking quirky, off the wall places. Actually so exciting! Gutted that the Knicks weren't playing when I'm there- actually would have loved to have seen the basketball. One of mum's friends bought me a "New York Survival Kit" which comprised of a hat, scarf and $40. The weather is not as cold as I had imagined- BBC weather says it will be 11 degrees on saturday! As long as it doesn't snow- although  I really wanted to wear my new wellies mum got me for Christmas. Could wear them anyway I suppose as a "fashion statement". Things to remember to do tonight: charge up my camera, final researching on the internet and find out what the currency is like... What are dimes? Haha! It is sure to be an amazing start to the 2012- this start is a definitely a sign of great things to come. Cannot wait!

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