Thursday, 18 April 2013

Life before the bucket

So tasked with creating a bucket list by Life of A Digital Girl, AKA Hollie-Ann Brooks, it got me thinking what do I really want to get out of life. I have to choose my top three but added a few more as I have so many things I want to do. I've narrowed it down to 10... I had too as otherwise you would be here for hours! So here are my top three and then the rest (in no particular order):

1. Star as an extra in a Hollywood film- I say extra because I have no real acting talent (modest) I just want to be in the credits
2. Write something is wet cement
3. Sail through the Bermuda Triangle and live to tell the tale!

4. Become fluent in French and Chinese- conversational in French already but know no Chinese
5. Skydive individually- doing a tandem jump on Saturday (eek!) so let's see how that goes!
6. Live comfortably by the age of 30- measured by whether I can afford to food shop in Waitrose (haha! yep laughing at myself)
7. Go travelling but the next place is determined by someone you have met on your travels
8. Have a go on a sit on lawn mower
9. Own a house which requires a sit on lawn mower
10. To have visited every state of the USA and write a tour guide that people refer to whenever they go to the US.

As they say YOLO (You Only Live Once). CRINGE!

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