Monday, 18 June 2012


So I've been mega busy in these last few weeks and have neglected my blog :( sorry guys! Lots on- just finished first year at uni, come back from Lanzarote, been working at boots and today I have started work experience at Toni and Guy with their PR team! So exciting. Definitely going to keep you all posted on how it goes! Although there are projects which I have been briefed on which are top secret so those you won't be able to know about! I cannot believe how small the team is here and yet there is sooooo much to do. Currently on my lunch break and have had to flick through the weekend supplements for latest beauty and fashion trends and give a briefing of today's headlines. I feel like I am so slow at it all- very fast paced industry. The news that I had to type up is already out of date and I feel like everyone already knows what I am typing about! Anyway off to finish my sandwich and then to crack on with my tasks!

Feeling professional and grown up, Catherine x

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