Friday, 4 May 2012

Cobra trying to be like Peroni?

So I've always wanted the lifestyle of those guys and gals in the Peroni Autumn/Winter advert or even those in their Spring/Summer one... They are quite simply the coolest people ever and want to be them. Deadly jealous!

It occurred to me the other day when I was at the cinema that the same sort of aesthetic has been used in the Cobra beer adverts too. They take on this old-fashioned camera look, with chilled out music, and chilled out cool people... All in an attempt to sell an alcohol beverage.

Both brands are selling a way of life. Chilled. You can be cool. Take time out of the day to relax. All by choosing to drink their beer. This I think works well with Peroni- Italian lifestyle is something that people aspire to live like. Will it work for Cobra? This could be the start of a new image maybe... A fresh perspective on an up and coming country- India. I wonder what the next advert will be like...

ADDITION: Stella Artois are into the same sort of aesthetic I suppose. All three brands are appealing to a young audience through the use of nostalgia of the past (wishing we were there) and a chilled out lifestyle....

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