Thursday, 3 May 2012


This sounds so cliche but I had no idea what to expect when I went to see Breathing. I randomly picked a film to see and off I went. I didn't look at what it was about... I was not expecting what I saw! Set in Austria, Roman Kopler, calls the Juvenile Detention centre his home. We do not find out until later on in the film as to why he is there, but we get the idea that he has been in there for a long time. His life is extremely dull and pointless. One of the first scenes we see Roman flip at being asked to weld some metal together for a job. He is advised by a gentleman, whom we find out is his lawyer, to look for other work so that his court hearing goes well this time round. Roman finds himself working at an undertakers. Hence the referencing to breathing. The most unlikely job for a 19 year old. We follow him as he learns his trade, as he is further rejected by his peers in the Detention centre because of his job, and as he revisits his earlier life through tracing back his abusive mother. A clever title which explores all aspects of breathing, what it means to be alive and realising that you only get one chance so don't waste it. It is tense, tense, tense from start to finish. Great film. The unexpected has it's advantages.

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