Wednesday, 7 March 2012

EMTEX designer forum

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So I went for an interview for an internship here today and was amazed that few of my friends have heard of it! The designer forum, located in Nottingham town centre provides space for small businesses and by far one of it's most popular services is the trend library. For a relatively small fee (than if you were to by the resources out right) you can have access to their library whenever suits you. They also provide some workshops in Abode Creative Suite for a competitive price. There is the option to be alerted to various job openings and events run throughout the year. This is an actual gem in Nottingham. It started when there was funding for this sort of thing, but now relies entirely on membership to keep it running! This is definitely something to get membership for and take full advantage. There is discounted membership for students. Something I am going to look into when I have the money! Head to their website for more info:

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