Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Marks and Spencer- Social Media dialogue

This is a copy of the conversation I had with Marks and Spencer today via Twitter. I wrote the original comment not thinking I would get a reply. I was truly shocked when Marks and Spencer actually replied to me! 

The original tweet was in response to the fact that this morning I had been on the Marks and Spencer website browsing their sale, which was pretty insignificant as most sales are, and went on to looking at their shoes section. If my memory serves me correctly, a few years ago Marks and Spencer had really upped it's game in terms of following fashion trends and trying to appeal to a wider audience i.e. younger people. This was in response to falling sales and declining profits. This new approach adopted by Marks and Spencer lasted for a couple of seasons. Me being slightly obsessed by shoes, I was particularly impressed by their shoes. However, this season M&S seemed to have slipped up big time in trying to appeal to this younger market. Their collection currently on their website seems far too safe and conservative, and slip back in the direction of their old days. A long time ago I would never have dreamt of buying things from Marks and Spencer, but I honestly do not mind purchasing from them if the clothes/shoes are on trend; I don't mind paying that little bit extra knowing that I am buying quality from a well know British establishment.

Marks and Spencers have tried to convince me that all this will change and that I can make a difference by communicating with me via Twitter. I am very impressed. Twitter and other social media sites have broken down the long winded barriers of communication and have set up a two way dialogue where consumers feel they can have a say and their opinion will be listened to- after all it is the consumers that determine a brand's future! Let's hope things pick up for the better and that we see an improvement in their approach to appealing to a younger audience. They are definitely going the right way about it in directly communicating with their consumers. Fashionable shoes please Marks and Spencer! I hope my tweet falls on open ears!

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