Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Songs of Innocence and Experience

So a new exhibition opened in the Bonington Gallery at Nottingham Trent University this week: Songs of Innocence and Experience. I really did not know what to expect. A series of mini movies was what I was presented with on entering the space.

The films all had headphones which made you go up and engage with them. It soon became apparent that the theme of the exhibition was about scepticism, looking at false idols, freedom, and dedication. There were films depicting subculture/pagan rituals, song, music- really trying to evoke emotions from you about what you believe in, being spiritual in anyway or not. One particular piece was the central focus of the exhibition: Concerning the Difference between the Delights of Pleasure and True Happiness. (Maybe a bit of a long winded name- states what Judd wants to get across in the film) It had no headphones for you to listen from, but instead it played the soundtrack at a murmuring hum level  which invited you to get right up to the film. On sitting down in front of the work you quickly become almost hypnotised as the hum becomes just noise and kaleidoscope patterns emerge before your eyes.

Did not know what to expect from Judd's work. A very worthwhile visit.

Songs of Innocence and Experience runs until 5th April, and is open to the public free of charge.

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