Saturday, 24 March 2012

TK Maxx- My new favourite place EVER!

So where do you find Michael Kors heels for £40? TK Maxx! I could not believe it when I came across these absolute beauties today:

I had no intention of buying anything. In fact I was just passing time before I had to leg it down to the station to go home for Easter! But when I saw the name Michael Kors emblazoned on this pair of heels, in my size I simply could not leave the shop without them. They were mine! How had no one else spotted them? I was simply amazed that they were even on the shelves!

I don't often visit TK Maxx as it reminds me of a jumble sale and I can never find anything worthwhile. Well... my perceptions have completely changed. The buyers for TK Maxx have definitely upped their game and in all honesty I am impressed. Maybe I will be brave enough one day to have a rummage amongst the rails of clothing... but until then I can admire MY Michael Kors heels. Delighted.

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