Friday, 16 March 2012

Pete Doherty for The Kooples

So the other day I was just browsing a couple of my magazines looking at the latest adverts and the one that caught my eye, and I suppose you can say that's a good thing, is the new The Kooples advert, featuring the one and only Pete Doherty. Do not get me wrong, and please do not think I am a complete snob (!) does Pete Doherty reflect the attitude of The Kooples? Well not really! He has recently been released from prison and has such a flippant attitude to life that I do not think he is a good role model for a brand to adopt. Yes he may be impeccably turned out in the adverts, preened to perfection by The Koople's styling team, but it is almost as if The Kooples are praising his hell raising ways. I understand to an extent why he was used- to symbolise rebellion, the underdog, badboy, which all in turn in today's society make you "cool" but there are different ways for a brand to be cool and having clearly unreformed (always in trouble with the law) people is not the way to go about it. Also I thought the point of The Kooples was to show stylish, on trend couples, or have I completely missed the boat here? I do question what the world has come to and feel The Kooples are being innovative but far to risqué... Doherty would not be my first person of choice to aspire to be like. Who are The Kooples aiming their brand at? The debate continues...

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