Sunday, 11 March 2012


As stupid as it may seem but I have only just fully realised... It is March! Already! Two months ago I was in New York. It is absolutely crazy at how quickly this year is going. Before I know it my first year at university will have ended! All I can think about is that I will be in Lanzarote- that will get me through any time when I am feel down. Today in Nottingham it is such lovely weather and I feel like going to the park but instead I am stuck in my room doing work (and blogging woops!) Might go to the pub in a while to watch the 6 nations match- England vs France! Sunny days come few and far between in England, especially up North here in Nottingham- maybe in London where there seems to be a micro climate. The moral of this story is to do my work when it is set instead of the day before it is due so that you can enjoy the weather and being outdoors while it lasts! Anyway hope everyone is having a great day out in the sun... So jealous! x

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