Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fumble with FCP

The name was obviously created to make a bit of a stir, draw some attention. I invited a mate along via Facebook and he said he almost chocked on his dinner when it came up in his notifications "Catherine Wells invites you to Fumble at Stealth" Har har! 

Anyway, so I've just had a quick nosey round as I have a uni deadline in for tomorrow and am desperately broke (story of my life) The event is taking place to raise funds for the 2nd year's degree show- planning ahead (clever beans) I've never been to Stealth before... but what a great venue! There were donated clothes for sale (of which the owners would get a certain percentage back), a BBQ, and a cake stand! Later on there will be an after party in association with a Vice magazine issue launch which looks super cool (soooo wish I wasn't doing this work!) There clearly had been a lot of hard work and effort put into the organising and running of the show- and for a £2 entry fee it really was a worthwhile experience and has given me some ideas for when it is our year to raise funds for my degree show (scary stuff!) 

So this is a quick post just to say well done guys and gals... tremendous effort on your behalf and I hope the evening goes well for you! x 

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