Monday, 23 April 2012

St George's Day in Nottingham

As things go, I would say I am very patriotic. I love England and everything that it is associated with- tea, pubs, Sunday dinners (!), cricket, rugby.... You get my drift! The trouble is that St George's Day is often overlooked in this country in say comparison to St Patrick's Day. This was why I was thrilled to hear about the festivities occurring in Nottingham's market square. There was a parade, morris dancers, folk music and all in all the atmosphere was wonderful! There was no one being rowdy; just simple fun and laughter. I feel awfully proud to be part of such a great country! As a nation we need to be more proactive on St George's Day and have similar events up and down the country. St George- I salute you!

Here are some pictures from the festivities and below you will find some clips of the Morris men:

 Ripley Morris dancers in action

 Characters in the square!

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