Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sun safe

I have had an overwhelming response to my post about staying safe in the sun (ironic as it hasn't stopped raining since in England!) Anyway, I had a response from the British Skin Foundation (Bevis Man to be precise) about my post and I thought I would just mention some of the points that were mentioned:

"I think people don't always understand what the difference is between UVA and UVB nor what to look for in terms of their sunscreen. The old star rating was a bit confusing too for UVA ratings on the backs of bottles, as a five star UVA rating meant that it had a good level of UVA protection in relation to the level of UVB (ie. the SPF level) protection. So, a sunscreen with an SPF of 25 that had a four star out of five rating for UVA meant that it had a fairly decent level of UVA protection as well as a decent level of UVB protection.

Anyway, this system has now been changed anyway, as UVA protection symbols now don't have stars but the 'UVA' letters inside a circle which shows the sunscreen has a decent level of UVA protection."

And possibly the most important fact that was given to me was this:

"The majority (about 80%) of sun damage you accrue in life is done by the time you're 20!"

Which is actually pretty scary when you think about it!

I will be happy if at least one person has gone away after reading my blog post with a changed attitude about the effects of the sun on your skin. Again, I have to stress I am NOT a kill-joy, just into making changes to my life that will keep me young and healthy. By all means, when we do eventually get some sun, go out and enjoy it but just be sensible...

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