Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hug for a COKE?

Coke machine
So you thought you'd seen it all when I blogged about bus stops that dispense Mr Kipling cakes ... Well the latest in this line of promotion is Coca Cola who have asked the people of Singapore to hug a vending machine for a taste of their calorific drink.

Again another great promotional strategy to engage the consumers with the product but it stands to tell whether it will be as disappointing as Mr Kipling's attempt at a similar stunt in the UK. Maybe it will work in Singapore as their attitude to consumption is much more reserved than ours in the UK- there is also less antisocial behaviour and crime...

I wonder what brand will be the next to come up with such a stunt? I'm envisaging our pavements chock-a-block with "hug me" vending machines... Maybe it would bring back the community spirit that this country so lacks... Who knows!

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