Friday, 17 February 2012

Corrie Nielson

One thing is for sure: I need to invest in a better quality camera! I had a standing position- I apologise for the quality!

Corrie Nielsen's collection consisted of monochromatic pieces with heritage red tartans adding colour and pattern to the garments. A common feature on many of the pieces was the exaggeration of curves, and numerous ruffles and pleats. There was one particularly wearable outfit which consisted of a dotted chiffon blouse with a tartan kilt. This was an outfit that could be worn off the catwalk. Pheasant feathers were a common theme too. County heritage was a visible in the collection. The show stopper was by far the last outfit which consisted of a pleated and ruffled ball of fabric. Bustles, with lots of tulle contrasted with clean line tailoring helped to define Corrie Nielsen's AW12 collection. Dramatic and full of heritage.

On the way out I grabbed some Propercorn- gourmet pop corn! Lush! Recommend the Worcester sauce and tomato one. And also grabbed quite a few bottles of Vitamin Water!!/Propercorn

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