Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tatty Devine- How Claire they! *pun*

This post is basically a rant. I come home to find Twitter blowing up about this: Claire's Accessories has totally ripped off Tatty Devine's gorgeous jewellery designs.

It's so blatant it hurts! They haven't even tried to change ANYTHING about the design! It is clear where Claire's have got their inspiration from but surely what they have done is against the law! Intellectual property/copyright come to mind. In a time where independent shops and creativity should be celebrated, a huge multinational chain brand takes full advantage of someone else's creativity and waves it right in front of everyone's face! What is more frustrating is that Claire's to me epitomises tacky. And that is totally not in a snobbish way- it reminds me of plastic, cheap, 12 year olds. This is not an adjective I would use to describe TD's elegant and sophisticated line. Claire's should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. I hope TD give them as much agro as possible! See the Tatty Devine article in full: Anyway peace and intellectual property to you all... I'm off to bed.

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