Friday, 24 February 2012

Julian Hake masterpieces

Just reflecting on my days at London Fashion Week and I realised I had missed out one of my all time favourite exhibitors based in the showrooms at Somerset House. JULIAN HAKES. Well what about him I hear you ask? These:

These beautiful sculptural forms are in fact shoes! With a difference of course as they have no footplate!Hakes launched his designs in 2009. At London Fashion Week Feb 2012 there was certainly a lot of hype around the stand! Apparently this is not a new concept as  It is interesting to learn that Hakes is in fact an architect (he is described on Twitter as a bridge designer!), and explains some of the architectural elements of the shoes. It also goes to show that time and effort has gone in to creating a ergonomic structure. Having tried a pair on I can safely say that they are extremely comfortable. It just goes to show that all that is needed is proper support in the ball and heel to make a comfortable high heel. The upper is made of carbon fibre, the inner is made of soft leather. The sole is made of rubber which helps provide comfort and friction with the ground. They come in a range of colours. I particularly like the ones with neon colours inside which really glow when worn- a must have for spring 2012!  Definitely going to invest in a pair!

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