Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fashion Insider "Cocktail Party"

So after weeks of trying to get sponsors and organising, the day of the magazine party had finally come! After I had collected the champagne samples I made my way to Bond Street tube station to meet with the others only to realise that the time had been changed and that we were meeting a couple hours later! Aaa what to do? I decided to head to good old BHS for a cup of tea as you do, but was distracted on the way by the Dorothy Perkins shoe concession. I departed minus £40 but had two pairs of shoes. Oh joy! But more to carry around all day! I love student discount- the heels I originally wanted were £38 and there was a pair of Chelsea boots in the sale for £10. With 20% discount applied it made the boots 40p! AMAZING!
So I finally meet everyone and head to Jalouse club at Hanover Square. We had to get the drinks sorted, organise the music, sort the guestlist etc etc. We made sure there was time for a cheeky Subway- Meatball Mariana! Yum! 8pm arrives and champagne is flowing. I am ready to meet and greet and direct the guests to the VIP area. TBH there are not that many people... the night drags on. I decide to leave at 10.30pm as it really is not my sort of thing. Off to my Godmother's in Islington ready to wake up bright and early from the start of London Fashion Week. We put everything into the party but not enough people were interested! Oh well the shame goes on the magazine as far as I am concerned! We tried, we really did! 

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