Sunday, 19 February 2012

House of Evolution After Party

So I had made eyelashes done- I felt party ready. Me and April were hanging about for ages in Pret-a-manger in Carnaby Street waiting for the club (Cirque du Soir) to open.We turned up bang on 8pm when it was meant to start only doing a trip round the block for fear of looking too keen and early. We ended up sitting in Starbucks waiting. Finally we built up the courage! We were ticked off the guestlist and made our way down the stairs. Random thought but have you ever thought: the night club combination of loads of stairs and alcohol is just such a bad idea! The insurance must be loads! On arrival we are greeted by waiters with free cocktails of which I take one sip and nearly spit it out for being so full of vodka! We take a pew in a booth and I go back to the bar to take advantage of the free cocktails on offer- they soon ran out! We knew nobody! And the thing about the fashion industry is that it is hard to meet people without knowing a mutual friend first- it is all very clicky and snobby. We slowly sipped our drinks as we didn't want to be rude and be the first to leave. Lights flash, circus music begins and circus dancers and fire-eaters appear to perform. At first it was a novelty as they danced away but went on and on. It was all a bit seedy to be honest. The dancers were virtually naked, and the clothes they did wear were not very tasteful. The guys in the room craned their necks to get a better view. It was at this point that we decided to leave... Take our coats and head out of the manic circus come striptease and off back home. Still a better atmosphere than the Fashion Insider party!

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