Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fashion and Textile Museum: Catwalk to Cover exhibition

The fashion industry is no longer a place for a few selected people. Gone are the days where it could be seen as elitist. The development of social media, in particular the rise of bloggers, has meant that this industry cannot just ignore ordinary people, as these ordinary people can have a big voice in the form of a blog post or status. The barrier which had previously been formed around the fashion industry has been broken down to allow a dialogue of opinion and thought surrounding the latest catwalk trends and the like. This exhibition takes us through the various areas of fashion from Backstage, to front row, to catwalk and to street style, which has grown and grown. I liked the thought that models are the most stylish people as they see and wear all the trends 6 months before the public. It was also great to discover the photographic work of Kirstin Sinclair, Chris Moore, Matt Lever and Philip Meech. All amazing photographers with different insights into the world of fashion.  The exhibition provided a very brief overview of this industry, but definitely an exhibition to go and visit!

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