Tuesday, 21 February 2012

David Koma

I didn't know what to except having naively never heard of Koma before. I was not disappointed that is for sure. I had a sitting ticket which felt like absolute luxury. The PR people before the show were looking panicked and were seen rushing about as there was hardly anyone in the room and half the front row had not turned up late I presume from being caught up with watching the Mary Katrantzou show in a different location! So it began very, very late- fashionably late? Oh dear. Haha! Koma's collection consisted of very structured panelled dresses and shirts. Again ruffles were a major feature along with accentuating the models' womanly "curves" (on a model? Well that was the illusion!) Capes complimented the ruffles around the hips, and added volume to the linear structures created from the garments. A reoccurring theme was chains/links which added even further to the contrast- linear vs organic shapes. The chain embellishment was even present in the hair of the model's which was in a ponytail held in place with a link from a chain. The palette was subdued with black, dark plum and navy being the main colours. Rainbow patterned trousers and ruffles lifted some of the garments. Overall a very strong, consistent and wearable collection from David Koma.

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